Friday, August 9, 2013

Congressman Jason Smith Builds a Chicken Coop

Whistle Crossing, LLC was honored to have Congressman Jason Smith, Missouri 8th District, US House of Representatives, visit the Well Kept Chicken coop manufacturing facility this week as part of his Work-A-Day tour. Company CEO Darrel Adamson served as host.

"We appreciate Mr. Smith's interest in small business and his support of Missouri industry," Adamson says. "He is quite talented, and we used his services in several areas during his visit."

Mr. Smith wasn't a mere bystander at Well Kept Chicken.
He readily took part in the machining and part-making process. He is shown at right operating the CNC mill that accurately cuts coop parts for a consistently perfect fit.

Assembly was the next step in the coop making process. Clint Campbell is shown assisting Mr. Smith as he places the front panel onto the plastic A-Frame coop.

Mr. Smith seemed right at home using a power drill to attach the final pieces of the chicken coop. This was no surprise since he runs the same family farm that was started by his great-grandfather, and farming always requires a host of skills.

To honor Mr. Smith's visit, a Well Kept Chicken Signature Coop was created.

Mr. Smith added his personal signature to the chicken coop's front panel.

Participating in the weekly marketing meeting was next on the agenda. Mr. Smith and his assistant are shown conversing with Adamson about marketing methods and the difficulty US manufacturers face when competing against offshore producers who are granted tax breaks and enjoy few regulations.

While in Mansfield Mr. Smith also visited our sister company, Engrave-A-Crete, Inc., who shares a manufacturing facility with Whistle Crossing/Well Kept Chicken. He is shown packaging one of the precision-crafted decorative concrete engraving tools manufactured in Missouri.

"We hope Mr. Smith will stay in touch with the reality of his constituents," Adamson says. "We appreciate that he recognizes the success of small businesses as a driving force in the recovery of our nation's economy. We welcome him back to our company at any time."  

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